I thank God for you

So many things I’ve meant to say
So much I’ve meant to show.
It’s easy letting time go by
And to think somehow you’ll know.
So I wrote this song to just make sure
You never doubt it’s true
That I thank God for you
I thank God for you

You spend yourself so freely
On the things you do for me
You’re always there to lift me up
When I’m less than I should be
To earn the kind of love you give
There’s nothing I could do
And I thank God for you
I thank God for you

I thank God because He’s given me
A lover and a friend
With a heart that I can trust in
Through it all until the end
I thank God because you give more
Than I had ever hoped to find
No one else this side of heaven
Gives me so much peace of mind

The years have gone so quickly
Since we changed to one from two
But time has just intensified
The bond I share with you
And yes, I’d do it all again
To love you as I do
I thank God for you
I thank God for you

2 thoughts on “I thank God for you

  1. newsong40 says:

    Beautiful poem/song. Your husband must have been so honoured to read it. (Or did you sing it to him? What a great gift!)
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. clairemusters says:

    Thank you. No didn’t sing it to him – wrote it a while ago, when I wasn’t so confident with my singing. Not sure I’d be able to sing it to him with a straight face anyway! 😉 He was very touched by it though…

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