Phatfish release single for World Water Day

Today, World Water Day, sees the release of Phatfish’s new single ‘Thirsty’, proceeds of which will go to Samaritan Purse’s Turn on the Tap initiative.

Turn on the Tap is raising money for water supplies to be fed into homes in towns and villages across the world, as so many people are still affected by lack of drinking water: “4000 children die every single day from drinking contaminated water”.

In exclusive with this morning Phatfish said: “We take for granted how easy it is to grab a glass of water. Yet for thousands they have to walk miles – and the water they get to drink might end up killing them. It’s heart wrenching.

“We have been so struck by the devastation that such a simple thing can bring that we wrote a song that we’ve been using in our UK tour to really highlight this issue.

“We want to do all we can today to help raise awareness and cash for these guys who are working so hard to put an end to this devastation.”

In a promotional YouTube video singer Lou Fellingham said: “Just £48 enables a family to have a clean water supply in their homes for at least 15 years.”

Turn on the Tap has already provided fresh water to around 250,000 children and adults – but is aiming to do so much more. Their website has many ideas for individuals and groups wanting to contribute by raising money.

These include going on a water fast (and giving the money you would have spent on food to the cause), using their ‘spend a penny’ water filter coin collectors or water bottles by your toilet to ask for donations every time someone uses it, walk for water (they are officially holding a Water for Water Weekend on 23–24 June). Turn on the Tap are hoping to raise £22,000 during World Water Day.

‘Thirsty’ will soon be available on iTunes – but for today only – World Water Day – Phatfish are keen to give people the opportunity to give more if they can by visiting Everyone who donates today will be given a free download of the song. You can give as little or as much as you wish.

As Lou says in the video: “Help us raise awareness, help us raise cash, help us spread the word about Turn on the Tap.”

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