Taking off the mask

Church can be the best but also the worst of places. Our faith needs community to survive but why do so many of us wear masks as soon as we step inside a church meeting of any type, hoping to show that we have everything ‘together’? What creates a culture that makes us think we are supposed to behave in a certain way? Surely church should be a place of acceptance, love and freedom? So why do so many of us feel like we can’t truly be ourselves?

I have been grappling with these questions ever since a painful and humbling situation forced me to remove my own mask. I now firmly believe that too often we hide our true selves from the world behind masks we have carefully constructed, but this is not how God created us to be.

Taking Off the Mask charts my own personal experience and provides lessons and pointers on how each of us can take off our masks to live a freer and more authentic life. I am so excited to be publishing it, as I clearly felt God ask me to write it – and talk about this subject at every opportunity! My prayer is that God will use it to challenge and encourage others…

Here is the video that my publisher and I created about the book:

You can purchase a signed copy of the book from me for £9.99 (plus free postage in the UK only), by clicking on the button below.