Appreciating one another

Many of the thoughts that get me delving more deeply into my brain to ponder an issue occur when I’m doing something mundane. I guess that’s just a reflection of my life as a mum! I was busy dishing up dinner the other night when it suddenly dawned on me that I had probably already prepared, cooked and served up hundreds – if not thousands – of dishes since getting married and that there is no end in sight! We will have been married 18 years in August, our eldest will turn 6 in September, but I will still be clocking up the amount of meals I’ve prepared for us well after the time my husband and I retire! I started to get the hump – started to think about how many jobs a mother – and wife – does that go on behind the scenes, unnoticed. But then something in my spirit stopped me. And I started remembering all the times when my husband had sacrificially given of his time and I’d taken it for granted. And the times when my kids may have done something I’d been trying to teach them to do for ages and they suddenly ‘got it’ – but in my weary state I didn’t seem to praise or encourage them that much. I then started thinking about all the people there are in our church. A church doesn’t function without the help of its members and I wondered how often I’d thanked the welcome team for putting out the chairs faithfully each week for example. And, as I head up the worship team with my husband, I started thinking about all the musicians we are responsible for. How often do I take the time to check how each one of them is? I know I make sure to thank each one that plays alongside me on a particular Sunday, but what about all the other times when I’m not leading – do I still make time to show my appreciation? I know that it would seem forced to thank everyone every week, but I did get stopped in my tracks and just believe it is worth each one of us thinking about this. Do we truly appreciate those people who are around us day by day – the ones that we ‘do life with’? We could all do with some encouragement – why not tell someone how much you appreciate them today?

2 thoughts on “Appreciating one another

  1. newsong40 says:

    OK, Claire, are you just reading all my friends’ minds? My borther jsut posted something very similar to this today. Or rather, he posted something extremely different, but with the same message – people are amazing; don’t take them for granted.
    Both posts really challenged me to deliberately look for the good that people do and are. Think God’s trying to tell me something…?

  2. clairemusters says:

    Ah that’s encouraging for me – that perhaps I’m hearing some things He’s wanting to talk to us all about! Thanks for your comments… I will also endeavour to put a pic up here fairly soon so that if we happen to bump into each other at Brighton we will both recognise each other! It would be nice to meet you in the flesh… 🙂

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