I am a writer, speaker, editor, wife, mum, worship leader and school governor. Yes, life is hectic – but wonderful!

My passion in life is to see people reach their potential in God, so most of what I do is centred around that – be it bringing up my children to know and trust in God or running a women’s day that focuses on encouraging one another.

I grew up moving around every few years – mostly in the UK, but as a family we spent time in America too. Having settled in Bath as I hit my teenage years, I met my future husband in the church youth group. I then studied for a degree in Art and English, getting married at the end of my second year. Wow that was a huge learning curve! 😉

I ended my degree having already been offered an editorial position in a publishing company. I thoroughly enjoyed working there for a good few years before I decided I wanted to make some changes in order to be able to see my husband more regularly, who was a record producer by this time.

I became freelance, and have been ever since. I have loved the flexibility working from home gives me, and it has continued to be the best option for us as our family has grown. Freelancing has also opened up many different opportunities, allowing my writing and speaking to flourish too.

Much of my work incorporates the lessons God has taught me; He has been so gracious to me over the years (as I don’t always learn quickly!). Yes, there have been some painful moments, but also immense joy – and God has been in the midst of all of it; even the messiest of times. I love being able to share my own experiences, as God has nudged me to be as honest and authentic as possible – I do hope some of it resonates with you too.

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    Thanks for your message. In all honesty, it was the musicademy site that picked the pictures they used. But thanks for letting me know about your song and I will definitely check out your website! 🙂

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