I have over 20 years experience of editing, and have worked on a whole range of publications from cookery books to coffee table books, self-help manuals to books on Christian living – for clients including Dorling Kindersley, HarperCollins, Authentic, BRF, CWR and Hamlyn. I also have experience working as the editor on a busy magazine.

I am an experienced project manager, copy editor and proofreader recognised for my creative flair and strong organisational skills.

Please do contact me using the form here or by emailing cmusters@icloud.com if you would like me to undertake an editorial job for you – however large or small, I’d love to hear from you.

What others say:

“Claire Musters has the eagle-eye of a great editor, but also the ability to look at a manuscript and consider every angle, and deliver her work under incredibly tight deadlines. She asks the right questions, and interacts with the author in a way that  shows that she respects the project – but is determined to partner to make it the best it can be. It’s an absolute pleasure to work with Claire. I commend her without hesitation.”
Jeff Lucas, author, speaker, broadcaster

“We really appreciated Claire’s professionalism and attention to detail when she stepped in as acting editor for our magazine Families First. She went that extra mile when we needed her and were great to work with; everything she did focused on who we are and what we do and she captured our ethos perfectly.”
Coleen Starkey, General Manager, MU Enterprises

“Claire approaches her editorial work not only with skill and perseverance but with a huge heart. Hire her.”
Amy Boucher Pye, publisher 

“Claire is a skilled editor and proofreader and always completes the jobs quickly and efficiently. I have always found her to be hard-working, dependable and professional and would definitely utilise her services again.”
Kathy Steer, editor

“As an editor Claire works well with both the authors and the publisher, she is easy to communicate with, understands the author’s style and goes with it while doing the job of a good editor and ‘improving’ it, getting it to a place where author and publisher are happy – and all within the time frame given.”
Sue Wavre, senior editor

“As a senior editor at Mitchell Beazley publishers I was responsible for hiring freelance editors and project managers and Claire was always top of my list as she was an extremely thorough and skilled editor on whom I could rely to do an excellent job. The manuscripts were sometimes delivered in a rather rough and ready state as the authors were often experts in their field as opposed to polished writers, but Claire was always able to knock them into shape and often liaised direct with the authors themselves to solve queries, which saved a lot of time for the in-house team. A highly recommended editor and very easy to work with.”
Emily Anderson, editor

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