Toilet training miracle!

I have to write about this as I still can’t quite believe it is happening! I may really annoy some of you mums out there that are really struggling to toilet train, but I assure you I didn’t have it this easy with my daughter and tried all the advice given in every book I could get my hands on! But, this time round, I wasn’t even planning on starting toilet training yet. I knew the summer was the best time but couldn’t get a clear week to stay at home and focus on it – and as my second is a boy I had taken on board all the comments from friends with boys who said the later you leave it the easier it is. But my little one suddenly decided that he liked the Thomas the Tank Engine toilet seat that some of his friends have and, if I bought one, he wanted to use the toilet. I cautiously went out and bought the seat and some big boy pants just to test the water, but in the back of my mind thought if I had a morning of accidents I would stop and try in a few months – after all it was the day before his sister’s 6th birthday and I was manically busy! That first day he only had one accident – and that was when his sister was on the toilet already and he couldn’t hold on long enough. He has gone straight for the toilet – didn’t like the potty. Yes, the day of the party there were some accidents but that was understandable and somehow I took it in my stride (really not like me!). We’ve been to church since and there weren’t any accidents. On his first day of pre-school (only the 5th day) I thought a new place and new people to take him to the toilet would probably be too much so tried to get him to wear pull ups. He adamantly refused, saying he didn’t want to go back into nappies. He’s been dry at night too – working up to taking the nappies off then for good, but he woke me at 1am today to say he needed a wee so I think we are there with that too! I am totally amazed – but also extremely grateful to God for this extra blessing. It was a stress in the back of my head as I knew how much effort it had taken last time round and wasn’t sure how I was going to manage it – but now I haven’t had to! Oh yes we had a delightful episode that I know you will want to hear about – one that my husband has added into his preach for Sunday as it is a great illustration for being family and accepting that we do all make mistakes, even when we think we’ve cracked something! After doing a big poo on the toilet, my son toddled off to find his daddy and then said ‘I need a poo’ again. As he had just done one we didn’t think much of it but then his daddy realised he did and whisked him off to the toilet where he did another big poo. Not before leaving deposits about the house as he hadn’t quite managed to hold it all in! We had a leaders’ meeting starting straight after the kids went to bed, so there was manic cleaning going on then!