International Women’s Day 2014

Happy International Women’s Day! We have so much to be thankful for – but there’s also much to reflect upon. I have had the huge privilege of writing some of my own reflections about IWD2014 for Christian Today. You can read them here.


I was also able to spend some time this week gathering quotes from some amazing, inspirational women who told me what IWD2014 means to them – either a day to celebrate or a day to think about a particular issue. One such woman is Dr Ruth Valerio, Churches and Theology Director, A Rocha UK, who told me that:

I’d like IWD to be a day when we celebrate the role of women in producing our food. Did you know that 60–80% of food in most developing countries is grown and/or processed by women and that women are the main producers of the world’s staple crops (rice, wheat and maize)? And yet, shockingly, they only own 2% of the world’s land. Let’s give thanks today for the women around the world who grow our food and use that to remind us to be mindful of each mouthful that we eat.

And here is what Julia Immonen, founder of Sport For Freedom, said:

International Women’s Day is a really exciting opportunity to celebrate what it is to be a woman – gentle, yet strong and determined, and to be thankful for those who have gone before to make so much possible and achievable for us as women today. It is also a day where we can stop to recognise the fact that many women within the UK and throughout the world are still subject to terrible injustices. Our work at Sport For Freedom focusses specifically on the injustice of human trafficking in the UK that we long to cease to exist by seeing an end to modern-day slavery in our generation. I believe that we all have a role to play in this mission; we can’t all do everything, but we can all do something. Let’s celebrate this International Women’s Day and also be challenged to use our freedom to fight for those who do not have theirs.

To read what the others shared with me please click here.

2 thoughts on “International Women’s Day 2014

  1. jonimcarthur says:

    Thanks Claire for writing this. I’ve often wondered how this sits with the complentarian position? I’m a stay home mum and sacrificed my career to do it which has been a huge challenge and feel submissiveness is not somethig ppl seem to want to celebrate on Int Wmn day. Interesting to hear your thoughts. 🙂

  2. clairemusters says:

    I absolutely feel that the choices you have made, and the huge sacrifices, should be celebrated too. I know that, in the huge push for equality, those who choose to serve in such a sacrificial way can feel overlooked – I really hope that doesn’t continue to be the case. Enjoy the day – and I hope you feel real peace in following the path you believe God has called you to 🙂

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