Managing conflict

We all face situations that escalate and cause conflict; whether in the workplace, socially or at home. Whether we are instrumental in starting the conflict, or just get caught up in it, the way that we deal with it is down to us. So do you allow anger to rise up, or are you the sort of person that can’t start confrontation so do everything you can to dispel it?

managing conflict coverInsight Into Managing Conflict is the latest book I have had the pleasure of helping to put together. Based on a CWR training day that Chris Ledger ran, it combines personal and professional experience to reveal the factors that characterise conflict and offers practical and spiritual help so that we can learn to ‘handle conflict well’.

As I say in the introduction: ‘I learned a lot about my responses to conflict while putting this book together – and how I tend to allow anger to overwhelm me and cloud my overall judgement. I truly believe working on this book has given me some new and creative ways to approach conflict, and living a godly life generally. My prayer is that it will do the same for you.’

Conflict doesn’t always have to be negative and destructive – there are times when it is necessary and good because it can initiate positive change. In order for that to happen we need to understand our own behaviour and why we respond in the ways that we do, and look to God for creative ways to approach conflict management and resolution. If you want to go on that journey with Chris and I, please do consider buying a copy of the book – it is available here.