A few steps forward…

Recently I was able to go to the Christian Resources Exhibition, armed with my newly printed business cards. I was determined to make contacts in Christian publishing there – for both my editorial and writing capacities. And I did have some incredibly interesting and fruitful discussions – only time will tell how fruitful they were!

It has been a fairly gruelling few months of contacting magazines and publishers and pitching articles. It makes such a difference when one or two positive responses result in work – then I just have to find a way to fit them round my beautiful children! 😉 There have been one or two publications that I have desperately wanted to write for – and yet all my ideas seem to either fall short of what they want or I have come up with the same idea as someone else who got there first. That is the frustration of this type of work. I may just be starting out, but the in-house magazine editors have countless others trying to write for them and what makes me special? But continuing thought down that avenue does not do me any good, so I have to learn to pick myself up and keep going. Because persistence and creative thought are the only ways forward for me. I am determined to make this work – and have been thrilled by the pieces that I have been involved with. Some of the subject matter is truly humbling. And some of the other articles really help to promote others rather than me – but that’s the nature of this freelance writing beast. And I have to learn to toughen up and take the rough with the smooth. It isn’t an attack on, or rejection of, my personality or character when an editor says no thank you – I just simply need to lay that idea aside and think of another one. Easier said than done at times, but I’m trying!

2 thoughts on “A few steps forward…

  1. newsong40 says:

    Yeah, this is a really tough one, isn’t it Claire? I think blogging is a great idea, though – it’s a really good way of getting your ideas and words out there. I spent so long raging with frustration that I had nowhere to write, before God gently pointed out to me this marvellous creation called the internet!

    A couple of other blogs you might enjoy, that have a similar bled to yours of family/parenting stuff and writing stuff are billycoffey.com and melissabrotherton.com hopefully you’ll find hope, encouragement, and a good few laughs with them. I love everything they write, and hope you will too.
    Good luck!

  2. clairemusters says:

    Hi Jennie
    Thanks for your encouragement. I have already checked out melissa’s blog and thoroughly enjoyed it so will look at your other recommendation. 🙂

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