Making me think…

A few weeks ago we watched My Sister’s Keeper. What a film. Cried long silent tears – I couldn’t lose it completely as I didn’t want to miss any of it! I thought it was well acted and brought out so many different issues. It made me think for the first time whether I would in fact have a dilemma if faced with the opportunity to save my daughter’s life by creating a ‘designer’ baby – something I have always been so set against (and still am). In such an emotional situation would I remain true to my morals? And then the heartbreaking tearing apart of a family – and the ‘using’ of the youngest daughter. All so understandable, but so so wrong. Also understandable was the mother’s determination not to give up – even in the face of everyone else telling her she must, including her dying daughter. Again it made me question what I would do. I guess watching films like that once you have become a mum really brings things home in a different way…


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