Our family

Having published my girly chat post, I realised I hadn’t introduced my family at all. We have two small kids – one just started full-time school and the other is at home with me every day. I’ve always been busy and wouldn’t have it any other way. Most of the time I’ve been working part-time, and haven’t had many weeks off of the worship team either since having kids. But I am aware that our lives seem to have ‘gone up a notch’. I thought I was busy before – now things are simply manic! I just want to ensure that we get our priorities right from day one (okay well from whatever day it is!). Our relationship to God, to each other and to our children should always come first. Yes being in church leadership is an awesome responsibility, and answering what I believe was God’s call to write is incredibly important to me too. However, I don’t ever want to become so caught up in all the things that we need to do, and could give ourselves to, that I don’t give the time that I need to to my family. Or don’t notice it when one of my kids really needs me. That would suck. For all of us…


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