More than just a cuppa and a chat

I have just returned from the mums and toddlers group I go to on a Wednesday morning. While I was walking back it just struck me all over again what a privilege it is to belong to it. This is definitely no ordinary mother/toddler group. We are all Christian mums and, while the kids have great fun playing with one another (and someone else’s toys!), the emphasis is on the mums. It is a place to support each other. We may have minor theological differences as we all come from different churches in the area, but that is not what is important. I frankly don’t care about that. To have found a group of like-minded women that I can be totally honest with – can laugh or cry with, vent my frustrations to and enjoy shared experiences with – it is a precious, precious gift God has granted us all. It is a place we know is safe, that there are no repercussions from and that will stay totally confidential. Because of that we share some of our deepest thoughts and struggles – as well as our day-to-day triumphs. We may talk about issues to do with being a mum, Christian, wife and each time one shares, there are always others who have been through something similar who can offer experienced advice. And when one is hurting we all hurt. We stand with one another and pray for each other. Whenever possible we also study various parts of the Bible, or aspects of being a Christian. I tell you what, when I suffered badly from postnatal depression a couple of years ago, this group was my main lifeline. And it has continued to be a vital part of my life. I am so grateful that God has provided a place for me where I can fellowship with other Christian mums and have more than just a cuppa and a chat…


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