Half-term antics

These holidays have seemed much longer than a week – we have certainly packed a lot in! My five-year-old daughter seems to have far surpassed her years. Her dad found a cabin bed at a bargain price online so she is now sleeping near the ceiling, fully kitted out with a sofa and desk underneath her bed. It would be a perfect hideaway for a teenager – every time I sit to read her a bedtime story in the space underneath I think that I’d like the room to be mine! I think there may be a bit of reliving our lost childhood going on for both her parents! 😉 When she went into that bed her brother moved from a cot into her old bed. Packing up all the baby stuff last week, and now the cot this week, has seemed like the end of an era. I know people always say it, but they do grow up fast! When you are in the midst of it it doesn’t necessarily feel like that, but every so often there are those moments that take you by surprise, cause you to step back and marvel at how much they’ve grown and developed right under your nose without you realising it. They are such a gift and each moment so precious – I just need to slow down enough to enjoy them…


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