My response to God’s Not Dead

Last week I went to see the film God’s Not Dead. I’m not going to go into the details of the film too much, or review it here. Suffice to say it is a film that doesn’t shy away from speaking out many truths about our faith.

Based around a debate in which a college student is challenged to prove the existence of God by his philosophy professor (an atheist), there are also other stories interweaved that show some of the ways in which Christians have to speak out about their faith.

As I sat there I wasn’t sure how to respond. I’ve seen quite a few Christian films recently, and I have to say that, overall, I find them fairly cheesy. So, for me, this one was less so. However, although the acting was well done I felt many of the characters were underdeveloped and I squirmed at the clichés. Nevertheless, as I sat there, wondering what those I had gone with were thinking, I was struck by something…

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